Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Overview of Literature Alive!

The Literature Alive! project seeks to provide quality content to SL residents by focusing on the creation, development, and dissemination of literary resources in Second Life. Further, the program seeks to help new RL college faculty use the resources within SL to teach effectively and ethically. Projects are listed on the wiki. You can join the Literature Alive! Google Group as well as the inworld Literature Alive! group.

The goals of the project are to:

A. Create interactive exhibits, displays, and content that capture or represent literary themes, authors, or texts;
B. Provide opportunities for collaboration between the three populations in Second Life (educational, commercial, and residential);
C. Provide support to existing and emerging interactive and publicly accessible literature classrooms;
D. Provide training, tours, and support to new faculty wishing to use SL as a teaching tool in RL;
E. Utilize existing rich content in SL by creating connections to exemplary content through specialized HUDs and TP systems; and
F. Provide space for student displays.

The main home of Literature Alive! is located at the Literature Alive! HQ on Education Island II. The HQ provides tools, examples, displays, and resources for free. There is also The School Store where items can be purchased from their initial vendors. Literature Alive! is non-profit and does not receive income from the sales of these tools. Vendors can, if they wish, donate proceeds to LA! but are not required to do so to place content.

Please IM Desideria Stockton or email Beth Ritter-Guth to arrange tours or to receive more information. This project does not yet receive any funding, and your tips and donations are greatly appreciated. All finds are used to enhance literary content and best practices for teaching in SL.


Peter Miller said...

Desi, wiki link is dead.

LiteratureAlive said...

Thanks, Peter :-) I fixed it!